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Вот примерно так получаем предстоящий маршрут, Пожалуй это один из самых длинных за эти годы)

Hi ! You guys will drive van #9 to Prescott. Jay will have the key. Pickup the van at 1pm. Come to 1050 Willow Creek rd. Goodyear Advanced tire store. After you turn in go around to the back warehouse and you will see the other vans and limos. I will meet you there about 2:45 or so. We have to be at the Hampton Inn at 3:30 pm. 3453 Ranch road. Then next door at the Holiday Inn. Once full, we go to the Van Dickson Ranch (13125 Van Dickson rd. Skull Valley ) for the wedding drop-off.
Debbie will show you the way. I'm picking up guests at private houses and will meet you all there. Then we break. Return will be about 9 pm back to the hotels. 4 vans. thx

Точно по времени никогда не бывает, вместо 9 вечера забрали обратно в 11:30

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