vamihake&mivakahe (etotam) wrote,

Новый контракт

Самое интересное, что их постоянный скрипач отказался и они взяли Миву!)

Hey etotam! Hope you have been well since our last orchestra in a house gig. We have our next show coming up the first two weekends in November. It is called, “Next to Normal” and it is more of a pop/rock score. The cello part if pretty easy and we are just looking for one person to do it. Matt Flippen is playing violin and Stan Dulkoski on Drums, Ed jones on bass, and a student on the synth part and guitar part. Let me know if you’re interested in being a part of this small cast musical and pit. Attached are the dates and I can have the book and music ready for you.
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